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The hotwheelsracetrack is a collection of different tracks and obstacles for cars to race on. This track set includes the car, launcher, and three different tracks and obstacles. It can be easily assembled, allowing you to have fun racing your cars with family and friends.

hotwheelsracetrack - Jump in and take off in a high-speed adventure or let your imagination run wild with this lightweight race car track set. Featuring 18 feet real race car track and a launcher, it allows you to play out races and crashes right in front of you.

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The hotwheelsracetrack is a plastic auto racing circuit that's fun and provides hours of entertainment for your child. The set features a starting light, straight-aways ranging in length, and curves that will give kids plenty of track to test their driving skills on.

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Today, hotwheelsracetrack continue to be a leader in providing collectible cars. From sleek, modern vehicles to classic hot rods, collectors can find a variety of vehicles that imitate real-world vehicles while capturing the essence of speed.

In addition to the high-tech race cars, the track itself is equally impressive. A colorful track with a series of sharp turns, which then expanded to a large circular sharp turn, which then expanded into a large circular-doughnut-shaped play area for cars to drive on.